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Designer Mattresses For Sale in Victoria, TX

Need a new mattress? We have many different mattresses for sale in Victoria, TX. Come visit us and look at our large selection.

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Encased coils in our mattress

Fabric Encased Coils

The spring unit adjusts to the individual body contours, supplying firm and responsive support, also reduces motion transference.

Perimeter Support in our mattress

Foam Encased Perimeter Support

Each mattress is foam encased to provide sitting area and greater sleeping surface.

Perimeter Support in our mattress

Cool Gel Memory Foam

Provides a cooling barrier at the top of the mattress. The gel emits heat away from the body.

Perimeter Support in our mattress

High quality quilt and upholstery foams

Provides comfort and longer life to your sleep system.

Perimeter Support in our mattress

Tencel mattress

Made from natural fibers, Tencel absorbs moistures and releases it in the air.

  • Queen Bed sets start at $289.00 - Queen Adj. w/Gel memory Foam Mattress at $999.99
  • Your KNIGHT in shining Armor for Luxury Mattresses at WHOLESALE prices!

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